Featured Product: The SRS Universal Proximity Reader

Looking for a new proximity reader? This weeks featured product is perfect for you….

The Universal Proximity Reader by SRS is designed to work with all access control systems provided they have a Wiegand input for communication. It’s suitable for external or internal use as it comes with IP68 waterproofing, making it very versatile.

• Designed to work with 99% of systems that have Wiegand inputs

• Provides a visual and/or audible signal using LEDs/Buzzer

• Works with ISO cards, clamshell cards and passive RFID tags

• Fully CE compliant

• Reads RFID cards & tokens at 125kHz

• Wall or panel mounted (40×40 mm) all in one reader

• Reader cable can be extended to 25 metres.

• External or internal use (fully potted)

The UPR reads RFID cards & tokens at 125kHz and transmits the data to the controller while providing a visual and/or audible signal using it’s LEDs/Buzzer if the card is recognised and valid or invalid. It can be wall mounted or flush mounted in a door entry panel with a 40×40 mm cut out. This is a UNIQUE feature of the UPR. No other reader available in the UK can be used for panel mounting or wall mounting.

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Fermax presents the WAY kits: a range of video door entry system kits for homes and residentials

Fermax WAY kits have been specifically designed to be simply operated, easy to use and available at a cheaper price than most door entry kits. The WAY kits promote the idea that video door entry systems are no longer a luxury item.

Designed for homes and residentials, the WAY Video Door Entry Systems Kits for 1 and 2 residences include a WAY Door Entry Panel of 25mm width made of zamak with a wide angle CCD colour camera. The outdoor panel incorporates a lighting sensor, a hood to protect the panel from the rain and backlighted cardholders.


Door Entry Direct Offers Home Security Style With Comelit’s Visto

Door Entry Direct now offers Comelit’s distinctive video doorbell, Visto, for installers to present homeowners with smart capability and total peace of mind on a 24 / 7 basis, without compromising home aesthetics.

Comelit’s architect designed Visto doorbell connects via a home WiFi network to allow homeowners to see, hear and speak with visitors at any time or from any location via a smart phone or tablet.

Featuring a high definition camera and superior quality speakers and microphone; full two-way audio and video communication is available with Visto. Additional quality IR LED for night vision, ensures homes are protected day and night.

With two core product options in Visto’s range, installers can select from Visto WiFi which draws power from two wires that would ordinarily be used for a standard doorbell.  Visto 2 presents a hard-wired solution for homeowners where WiFi strength is an issue.

Says Steve Stuart, Managing Director Door Entry Direct: “With Police now encouraging homeowners to install a smart doorbell with camera capability that ‘offers potential to see, hear, record and speak to anyone at a front door, via a smartphone’*, Visto is a welcome addition to our home security portfolio.

“Coming with two options allows the perfect installation using existing home wiring, which, together with its aesthetic appeal, is what really extends its appeal.”

Visto default is presented in Dark Graphite but also available with optional covers in Silver Mist and Cloud White. Offered with a range of product options and accessories, including a specialist internal camera option, Visto has solutions for installers to accommodate homeowner’s requirements.

Says Justin Hawkesford, Comelit Operations Manager: “We have been very careful in designing Visto, right from its ease of installation and in consideration of varying WiFi strength, to ensuring as many homeowners as possible can benefit from this latest smart technology.  It’s why right from the start we have launched two options and differing colour schemes.

“We’re naturally delighted Door Entry Direct has selected the complete offering to enable their customers to present a stylish video doorbell that can fit around busy homeowner’s lives, ensuring the security of their home and their family at all times.”

For more information on Visto alongside the complete product range and availability through a professional installer network, please visit www.vistodoorbell.com

GDX Door Entry: Entrance Panel Buttons

GDX offer complete door entry solutions which are renowned for being robust, reliable and heavily specified in the residential sector. With over 30 years’ experience in the market and products manufactured in the UK, they are proud of the high quality and longevity GDX systems deliver.

GDX systems are heavily specified within the social housing market and are Secured by Design certified* , ensuring a Police-accredited standard of physical security. Although security is one of the prime considerations in the door entry market, ease of installation and durability are also extremely important.

As they continue to develop innovative solutions and invest in product advancements, they have recently upgraded their entrance panel buttons to provide unbeatable performance and functionality. The new GDX buttons are supplied by world-class manufacturers, guaranteeing best in class quality of products, robustness and durability.

The button is fully encapsulated which ensures all of the inner components are held tightly together as one integral piece and is secured with a standard 22mm nut. This significantly increases the reliability of these buttons, retaining robustness throughout their lifetime. The buttons have been independently tested offering a reliable performance of up to 1 million actuations to secure a solid response with every press. The operating temperature guarantees sustained functionality in environments ranging from -20°C to +60°C.


Comelit’s Training Academy

Want to know more about installing a Comelit door entry system? Then you need to book yourself onto one of their training days, so you can stay up to date with the latest Comelit releases and how to install them in the most effective and time saving way.

Comelit’s Training Academy courses are designed to give you the specific knowledge you need to install and commission our door entry systems quickly and efficiently. The comprehensive courses cover all aspects of system design, including installation, configuration, and commissioning. You will learn the theory and techniques required to get the most out of our systems. The training will also enable you to maximise your use of time during the installation process. Different systems require different approaches to training. Depending on experience and technologies, the training courses are designed to cater for individuals experienced with door entry and its terminology.

What courses are available?

VIP course

The ViP course covers everything needed to successfully install, programme and commission systems, based on our true end-to-end IP system. This course is aimed at installers with basic IP and security installation knowledge. You will learn how to install small and large systems and how to configure the many options and features with the easy-to-use ViP Manager software. You will also learn how to integrate with Smart Phones/ Tablets, VoIP systems, Crestron and AMX Home Automation systems. The course subjects include: Connections, cabling and distances; Local Area Networks – Dedicated and shared; Key System Components; System Programming; Integration with Smartphones/Tablets;Integration with Crestron/AMX systems; Accessories; Troubleshooting.

03.05.18 | 8 Spaces
07.06.18 | 8 Spaces
05.07.18 | 8 Spaces
02.08.18 | 8 Spaces
06.09.18 | 8 Spaces
04.10.18  | 8 Spaces
08.11.18  | 8 Spaces
06.12.18 | 8 Spaces

Simplebus course

The Simplebus course covers everything needed to successfully install and commission systems based on our Simplebus technology. Step-bystep, we take you through everything needed to get the most out of our flexible 2-wire system. The course is aimed at installers with basic electrical and security installation knowledge. The course subjects include: Cabling; System Programming; System Components; System Expansion; Simplebus TOP; Accessories; Troubleshooting; SimpleKey Access Control.

24.05.18 | 8 Spaces
26.07.18 | 8 Spaces
20.09.18 | 8 Spaces
22.11.18   | 8 Spaces

Simplehome course

The Simplehome course covers everything needed to successfully design, install, program and commission Comelit’s Home Automation system. The course guides you through all the core principles of the system, enabling you to easily specify and install the system to create a truly ‘Smart Home’. The course contents include: Introduction and integration with other Comelit Systems; Modules and Infrastructure; Functions; Scenarios; Control methods; Comelit ONE intelligent programmable switch; Programming.

21.06.18 | 8 Spaces
16.08.18 | 8 Spaces
25.10.18 | 8 Spaces
20.12.18 | 8 Spaces

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