Featured Product: The SRS Universal Proximity Reader

Looking for a new proximity reader? This weeks featured product is perfect for you….

The Universal Proximity Reader by SRS is designed to work with all access control systems provided they have a Wiegand input for communication. It’s suitable for external or internal use as it comes with IP68 waterproofing, making it very versatile.

• Designed to work with 99% of systems that have Wiegand inputs

• Provides a visual and/or audible signal using LEDs/Buzzer

• Works with ISO cards, clamshell cards and passive RFID tags

• Fully CE compliant

• Reads RFID cards & tokens at 125kHz

• Wall or panel mounted (40×40 mm) all in one reader

• Reader cable can be extended to 25 metres.

• External or internal use (fully potted)

The UPR reads RFID cards & tokens at 125kHz and transmits the data to the controller while providing a visual and/or audible signal using it’s LEDs/Buzzer if the card is recognised and valid or invalid. It can be wall mounted or flush mounted in a door entry panel with a 40×40 mm cut out. This is a UNIQUE feature of the UPR. No other reader available in the UK can be used for panel mounting or wall mounting.

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Need help installing the Universal Proximity reader? Click here to download the installation guide

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