Choosing the right door entry system

Welcome to the Door Entry Direct Masterclass series, over the coming months we will aim to counter some of the problems that our customers have outlined with intelligent solutions and some educational material.

When it comes to choosing which door entry system to install there are several questions we need to consider and exclusions to make. This is a guide designed for installers and trade consumers rather than end-users, the basis of this programme is to find the right solution every time so that both you and your customers are satisfied with the outcome.

Size of Installation

Is your customer looking to install a system for a single apartment/house, a small block of up to 10 apartments or is this a larger scale install with multiple apartments across various locations being managed centrally over IP? Some manufacturers product ranges are better suited for each type of project.


Our recommendations:

For single apartment & small blocks up to 10 apartments – Fermax Duox range of kits 

For small blocks up to 14 apartments – Comelit’s Building kit range 

For larger projects – Bticino Sfera range

Identifying Callers

The first obvious question we must ask is whether our customer wants a video or an audio system, sometimes this will be limited by location or the existing wiring systems, at other times this will be limited by the budget and requirements of your customers.

If the solution required is basic communication without a special interest in increasing security, then it is likely that an audio only system will do the job.


Our recommendations:

Bell 900 Series

SRS K4201S

Comelit KAE0061

Video systems naturally increase the amount of security and will allow greater functionality, depending on the manufacturer, to be added later. Video systems can often be tied into CCTV or other home automation systems keeping the controls to a single point; with some manufacturers there is an additional option to save footage from the panel and move the call from the internal monitor on to an internet device.


Our recommendations:  

Fermax Way-Fi Kits

Comelit Quadra Kits

Bticino Linea 3000 with Classe 300X

External Panel

Once you know what sort of system you’re aiming for the next features to consider are the external panel and will include the Access control options, the panel finish and the mounting. On you can show your customers different options on custom panels and the site will automatically pull the panels that fit together for you.

Access control options:

When talking about access there are a few classic options, either Keypad or Proximity Reader tend to be inexpensive and offer a reasonable amount of security. The assumption can sometimes be that a code is more secure, it can pay to remind your customer that in a shared building the code will likely be passed around to friends and family and the integrity of the security solution can sometimes be lost.

With a proximity reader and associated fobs/tokens/cards the security element tends to be more prominent and it is possible with these systems to remove lost or redundant RF tag remotely which will in turn keep the building more secure over time.

More expensive but equally more secure are biometric systems, these can be programmed for the individuals living/working in the building and removed when they are no longer permitted access to the building.

In speaking to your customers you’ll get an understanding of which solution best fits their requirements and budgetary constraints.

Panel Finish & Mounting

After you and your customer have decided whether the panel will sit surface or flush mounted we can focus on the finish for the panel.

The external panel should fit into the aesthetics of the building and in some developments the architect might have prescribed the exterior panel based on its size or look. If there is a free choice on the panel we must consider the area this is in and whether it requires a vandal resistant finish. Would the customer prefer the panel in brass or powder coated to fit with the building?

The finish for most of our panels can be edited dependent on your needs and if you require something a little more customised please reach out to the team who can help you to build this.

Finally, we should consider the customer’s budget within these constraints, as an example it is difficult to encompass a video system with a custom panel for a large-scale development and keep the overall budgetary impact low. Therefore, if budget is the main constraint for the client sometimes it will be easier to work from this end backwards. Cost per apartment will naturally reduce a little if the development is larger but there is a solution to fit every need.

Our recommendations so that you can balance value for the client with functionality and ease of install are:

Audio –Bell 900 Series

Audio – Comelit’s Simplebus 2 Range

Audio – SRS Vandal Resistant Range

Video – Comelit Building Kits

Video – Fermax DSV Kits

Video –Bticino Sfera range

If you would like guidance on any of this reach out to our team of experts on 0208 621 6210 and we’d be happy to help.

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