Learning to install the latest systems

Picture of the Comelit model Number 8451V

One of the biggest issues affecting the world today is keeping ahead of the curve with the latest in technology and innovation constantly changing our personal and professional lives. Its far easier to stick with what we know as once a habit is in place it’s harder to break but not impossible. Just because I have always installed one brand; am I an expert in what I do or am I limiting myself from future opportunities?

Let’s assume for the moment that we keep up to date with many of the changes that happen across our industry. How can we learn to install these systems with confidence? The first issue we face when thinking about installing another manufacturers’ products is the idea that something might go wrong because we are unfamiliar with the installation method. Time is money and there is always a learning curve on the first install so how do I prepare for this to get the best out the change with no negative impact on my time or company’s reputation.


One of our existing clients have a new job for us to work on; it’s a huge job for us but the site was specified a certain system that we aren’t familiar with.

What are our options here?

Well, almost every manufacturer will have some technical information on their website as a starting point, along with promotional/marketing information. As a start this can provide an overview, but we’re talking about getting comfortable installing the system from a practical standpoint rather than the theory behind the system or what the marketing team want you to know about the system and more importantly what they don’t warn you about before the installation because you can’t account for anything and everything that could happen on site.

Having looked at these data sheets & wiring diagrams we get a general feel on how to install the system, but we haven’t physically seen the product and how things wire together, what cable am I even supposed to use and at what distances do I need amplifiers, how does the entrance panel fit together and programming the monitors to call buttons, dipswitches, configurators or IP addresses . Knowing that we’re going to install a system, at this point we might test the waters and try it with a smaller job or if the job is more urgent create a step by step checklist through the technical sheets along with the technical support department for the company. For some systems and locations, we can offer on site or telephone support, so I’d recommend giving our team a call. Its also worth knowing if I can pass a course to become certified and open myself to future recommendations with my partnered distributor.

Product shown in picture is Comelit 8451V Click here

Is great for 1 to 4 users and a simple 2 wire installation as it’s main features.

Learning is a continuous process for most of us and as technologies change we will have to adapt to the requirements of our customers, having a relationship with a supplier that you can trust is vital. At Door Entry Direct we are driven by a passion to be innovative and create solutions that find a better way to help our customers that a manufacturer may overlook.

Our business is built as much on relationships as it is technology working with a wide array of manufacturers gives us more options to support you through every installation. Get in touch today by calling 0208 621 6210 to find out where we can help you!

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