Door Entry Direct New Year’s Resolutions

We’re over a week into 2019, the NYE celebrations may be a distant memory but there’s no time like now to get some New Year Resolutions in place for your business!

To make sure your Resolutions stay top of mind, and aren’t relegated to the bottom of the pile until 2020 (along with those promises to finally get fit, learn that second language and cut down on your vice of choice), make sure to display them somewhere prominent – in a staff room, on the fridge or as a screensaver.

To kick off and hopefully provide some inspiration, we’ve posted Door Entry Direct’s New Year’s Resolutions below:

  1. Grow our Team

We want to continue to grow our team strategically, to provide the best service possible to the wide variety of customers we work with.

  1. Expand our Range

We want to continue to grow our range, to give customers the widest range of options and latest products available in market.

  1. Launch a time-saving new feature

We’re looking at launching a new feature that will save your business time, hassle and streamline your process – watch this space!

  1. Improving our website

We’re looking to streamline our website further to make it easier for you to find what you need, and compare products fast.

  1. Increase our Visibility

We’re going to be ramping up our presence in the industry, so you’ll be seeing more of us at relevant trade shows, events and forums.

  1. Delivering Benefits our Customers Want

We want to hear about how we can deliver the best experience and ultimately help you win more business in 2019! Got a suggestion?

Please let us know at We would love to hear your ideas!

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