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An Overview of the AES Wireless series.

It’s April 2019 and here at Door Entry Direct we are kicking off with some new content. Here is the latest blog series we will be talking about AES Wireless series.

Is your installation proving impossible to wire because of unforeseen circumstances?

Perhaps physical onsite obstacles may be giving you hassle. Maybe it’s the equipment that’s letting you down or perhaps your customer can’t re-cable.

These are all valid difficulties which can ruin your installation… But today we give you the solution.

AES have wireless products which will let you bid farewell to the days of fumbling around with CAT5 cables. Take, for example, the wireless DECT 603 and 705 ranges. Here in the photo is one of AES main systems that we love click here AES MULTI-LITE-IMPK

With these wireless kits you have the option of having either a video or audio door entry system. The audio version (603) has been manufactured with a voicemail function while the video panel (705) comes with an in-built colour camera with infrared night vision capability. They both have a working range of up to 200 metres.

If you were in the market for a GSM door entry system, then look at the AES CellcomPrime and CellcomProx ranges.

The CellcomPrime and CellcomProx ranges are high quality door entry systems. While the CellcomPrime comes supplied with an inbuilt keypad, the CellcomProx comes with an inbuilt keypad and a proximity fob for access control. Both panels have been constructed from marine grade steel.

So, if you’re installation is getting you down or if you just fancy an afternoon off from wiring, give our sales team a ring and call us about the AES wireless door entry ranges.

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