Comelit VIP Overview

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Comelit’s ViP System represents the evolution of video entry technology beyond 2-Wire and the services connected to it. Here is where the future begins, with a new dimension linked to data transmission offering performance suited to modern residential and commercial installations.

From individual residences to large complexes, in new constructions, renovated buildings and modernised systems and structures alike. The ViP system serves an unlimited number of users, with simultaneous conversations and no distance limitations. A single backbone on a LAN (specific or using existing networks), to which the devices are connected via an RJ45 plug. 

ViP Features:

  • Unlimited and can support as many entrance panels, monitors, devices or blocks depending on the requirements of an installation
  • Eliminates any distance issue between the entrance panel and the monitor
  • Enables the ability to control an entry phone system on smartphones, tablets and computers, both locally and remotely via a centralised control

Click here to explore and shop the entire Comelit Vip system, or find out further information by accessing the Comelit Vip catalogue here.

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