BPT System 200 Overview

BPT System 200 Overview Blog

The BPT System 200 remains one of the most reliable and well-established analogue door entry systems on the market as it continues to provide a top-quality performance for installer and end-user alike.


  • Reliable system – The System 200 provides premium security with years of proven success, making it the go-to analogue door entry systems for many installers
  • Extensive Range – the System 200 has a wide variation of entry panels and receivers to choose from, ranging from the AGATA C 200 audio handset or the HAC/200 Targa Audio Entry Panel.
  • Easy to troubleshoot – This analogue system uses only 4 core wires for audio use. This allows any wiring issue to be easily identified and resolved when compared to using a 2-wires system.
  • Crisp sound quality – The system 200 provides an excellent signal quality on a variety of cable types so users will experience an audio that is free from noise and buzzing sounds.
  • Cost effective – a key feature of this popular system is the low price! it is a great choice for those on tight budget.

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