CDVi Networked Access Control Overview

CDVi Networked Access Control Overview Blog

The CDVI Group are a major player in the market for access control and locking systems.  The products are reliable and provide high-quality performance with minimum fuss and maximum efficiency. In terms of access control, we suggest that the CDVI Atrium range is one to consider!


  • Reaches up to 500 doors & 10,000 users
  • The ATRIUM 4.2 web-based access control system features an easy-to-use app and is delivered with free software, providing users with an efficient way to control access to one or multiple sites from anywhere in the world!
  • High safety with the new lockdown function – this feature is especially suitable for schools and public buildings to protect users in case of an emergency. Using the Evacuation and Lockdown feature, you can lock and unlock all doors with a password once the emergency is over.

Interested? Check out the range:

  • A22 door controller is a powerful Web-Based IP hybrid module. Can control up to 500 doors.
  • A22POE Ultra Access controller is a 2 door and 2 reader expander. The A22POE can power 2 magnetic locks and can reach up to 500 doors and 10,000 users.
  • A22EC allows elevator control for up to 64 floors. This product has truly improved the value of the web-based access control by allowing elevator control as well as the regular door entry access control.
  • AIOM 10 input/output module enables you to manage Users/Cards, view system events and display controller information from anywhere in the world!
  • AP22 controller and expander; secured wireless enabling up to 500 doors and 10,000 users on the network.

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