Aiphone IX2 IP Door Entry

Aiphone IX2 Overview Blog

It’s a natural phenomenon, so many of the products in the market are targeted at residential or small commercial sites, with a low number of entrances. What happens when you arrive to meet with a customer and the site is a hospital, large office, hotel, school or other sprawling site with lots of access points?

Introducing the IX2 from Aiphone – a Peer-to-Peer IP Door Entry system designed for the commercial market. The sleek range of panels retains some classic styling from the GT and IX ranges whilst adding some new pieces to the puzzle.  


  • The privacy mode to the monitor cameras and the allowing of internal communication between devices means the IX2 will certainly be a hit with your customer
  • The IX2 system capacity ranges from small point-of-entry sites to large scale commercial applications, as well as the ability to connect and manage up to 9,999 door stations without the need to install a server
  • Newly designed IX panels which comply with DDA regulations and offer clear visual guidance with a blue halo button

You can explore the whole Aiphone range here, or call our highly knowledgeable team on 0208 621 6210

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