Fermax Duox Overview

Fermax Duox Overview Blog

The DUOX system is a complete non-polarised two wire solution which gives it a technological advantage over older systems and will work on any cabling if distance guidelines are met, allowing for a quick and easy installation.


  • Simple installation – Easy to install, program and maintain. Save time during the installation and maintenance process with only 2 non-polarised wires
  • Easy programming – Set up the system easily, whether on site or in the office
  • Up to 10 panels & 10 guard units at the General Entrance
  • Up to 10 panels & 10 guard units at each block
  • Up to 100 blocks & 100 sub-blocks
  • An extensive range of door-entry panels and indoor devices are available with Fermax’s DUOX System.

In using the DUOX system, you’ll be reducing costs, minimising installation time and ensuring high quality hands-free communication without any interference.

If you are looking for an easy to install system then take a look at the DUOX range of products that we stock here, or give our friendly sales team a call on 0208 621 6210.

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