Bticino 2 Wire Overview

Bticino 2 Wire Overview Blog

Actively designed for retrofit, the Bticino 2-wire range is probably already in your arsenal, but let us tell you more…

Bticino 2-wire technology is suitable for any project or installation you may be working on. From a single house to an entire apartment block, Bticino 2-wire is a safe bet for your door entry requirements. However, it’s the ability to use existing cables that makes Bticino 2-wire the ideal solution for refurbishing projects.

A Bticino 2-wire system may include up to:

  • 3900 Apartments
  • 5 Handsets per apartment
  • 96 Video entrance panel

And, with such a wide collection of 2-wire technology products, Bticino is bound to offer a solution to your installations needs. See just some of the panel and monitor ranges available on Bticino 2-wire:

2-wire technology by Bticino is a sophisticated solution to your access control needs. So, the next time you think door entry, think Bticino.

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