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We already know there are many different sizes & shapes of keypad, and we’ve all come across those installs where our standard size doesn’t fit. Here we have a terrific option from Gianni, the DG-160.

The slim aluminium alloy DG-160 is a simple yet stylish digital code and proximity reader in one. It features a LED backlit numerical keypad along with the capability of remembering up to 1000 cards, as well as a built in tamper switch, and tamper proof screws.


  • Slim type keypad design
  • Memory volume up to 1000+10 proximity cards/tokens and PINs with the programming time up to 0.5 seconds.
  • 3 Access modes: a. Only Proximity Card – b. PIN or Proximity Card (default setting) – c. PIN + Proximity Card
  • Logical memory prevents duplicated card setting.
  • Controller with keypad sound to avoid incorrect key-in
  • Additional input for anti-tailgating function to ensure high security access control.
  • Built-in tamper switch.
  • Dual relays to control door lock and other security devices.
  • Aluminium alloy casing with vandal resistant screws for enhanced safety and durability.

Technical Data:

  • Operating Voltage: 12 VDC
  • Current Draw Pull In: 60mA/12VDC,Holding:30mA/12VDC
  • RF Frequency: EM 125KHz
  • Read Range: 5cm (In noise-free environment)
  • Keypad: Backlit 12-digit (0~9,*, #)
  • Input 2 contacts for Request- To- Exit button, 1 contact for door reed switch
  • Output 2 relays(Dry contacts: N.O./N.C./Com.)
  • LED Status Indication: 2 LED indicators (Red/Green)
  • Memory Volume: 1000+10 proximity cards/tokens + PINs
  • Relay Rating Max.: 2A/30VDC, 0.6A/120VAC
  • Relay Strike Time: 01~99 seconds or Toggle Mode (00)
  • Ambient Humidity: 5~95 percent (Non-condensing)
  • Operating Temperature: -20 C~70 C

You can shop for the Gianni range here, or call our highly knowledgeable team on 0208 621 6210

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