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Arrived at a new site and the distance/cabling causing you a problem? Have you considered GSM options? Videx GSM Intercom system retains all the facilities of the 4000 Series which can include multiple doors, coded access and proximity access.

Available from a single button up to a 50 button system or a digital door panel which will call up to 500 apartments, all can have up to 1000 dial to open numbers (up to 2000 on the digital panel), this allows a user or users to call the entry panel and activate the lock output relay at no charge to the caller.

Both the functional and digital GSM units can be programmed with 4 telephone numbers per button, allowing the system to divert a call if a number is busy or not answered. Push to exit and auxiliary inputs / outputs along with dry contact timed lock output relay are standard.

Technical Data:

  • Communicate with both a telephone line and door entry points.
  • Open a door using the telephone keypad.
  • Open the speech to a door entry point without first being called.
  • Activate up to two auxiliary outputs. (Outputs can be either momentary or latching).
  • Reverse the door open relay for use with power to lock releases.
  • Make the following call adjustments in programming mode:
    • Number of rings (From 1 – 10 rings)
    • Door open time (From 1 – 18 seconds)
    • Door open key (Either 0(default), 8 or 9)
    • Internal/external speech volume.
    • Divert the call to another pre-programmed number.
    • Program an access code to protect the programming and the use of facilities in either divert mode or normal mode.
    • Operate in a handsfree mode (Speech automatically adjusts the gain to the direction of speech).
    • One-way speech mode (Simplex speech)
    • PABX mode (Allows the units to operate without the need for a telephone line).

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