Fermax Lynx Overview

Fermax Lynx Overview Blog

The Lynx system is an advanced concept from FERMAX. The IP video door entry system provides a state-of-the-art management of communication, security and ease of use for prestigious residential and commercial complexes


  • TCP/IP System – one of the most advanced systems, allows end-users to manage single-family homes up to buildings without size limit
  • A virtually unlimited number of units can run under one Lynx installation
  • Unlimited distances from end to end of an installation
  • Easy to install: The Lynx system uses Power over Ethernet (POE) which simplifies the installation process and is easy to install

Fermax products that feature the Lynx IP System:

  • The Skyline panelsFeatures a colour camera. Messages are also reproduced when the lock release is activated e.g. ‘the door is open, please close the door behind you’
  • City Lynx PanelMade entirely of metal, this robust panel is reliable and ideal for application in the service industry and business.
  • Marine Lynx PanelsThese panels are vandal-proof and features a 316L high-quality stainless-steel front which makes the panel the perfect choice for outdoor extreme weather conditions

So, if it’s Fermax that you’re after then shop the range here, or give our friendly sales team a call on 0208 621 6210.

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