Urmet 2Steel Overview

Urmet 2Steel Overview Blog

Looking for a one-stop door entry range for your low-rise installations?

Urmet’s 2Steel offers a range of vandal resistant entry panels manufactured from 316L low carbon marine grade stainless steel with functional buttons available up to 20-way. Panels are pre-assembled saving you time on the job and 2Steel entry panels are available in flush, surface or post mounted options. 2Steel entry panels are made to order and detail specific requirements for engraving, proximity readers and coded access keypads.

These entry panels are available for 2Voice systems. They simply connect to the system using 2 wires and are supplied with pre-wired buttons.


  • DDA LED call signalling with voice announcements
    • “Call in progress”
    • “Please speak”
    • “Door Open”
  • DDA Dome camera with wide angle lens and high intensity LED illumination
  • Industry standard 40 x 40mm proximity reader aperture
  • 20mm stainless steel buttons with call reassurance tone. DDA yellow button halos and Braille available
  • 316L marine grade stainless steel fascia
  • Security fixings

You can explore the whole Urmet range here or call our highly knowledgeable team on 0208 621 6210

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