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When looking to install an IP system, who and what are we looking to?

Well one of the most important things is network security and how do we protect ourselves from external cyber intrusion.

Videx have been making access control products for many years have recently released their new range of IP intercom which can be added to a local network, VPN or over Wifi.

Featuring their well known 4K series panels in both standard modular format or vandal resistant options the system is highly adaptable and has the function we all want such as wireless communication to our smart devices because the days of having monitors all over the house seems like a thing of the past. Why run cables all round your house and take up space on the wall when you can utilise the technology we already have.

The staple monitor from Videx known as the 6200 series is now available as a POE option or 12v DC locally powered if you prefer and comes with additional features such as intercommunication between offices or rooms in a home.


  • Expandable up to 42 call buttons
  • Vandal resistant to BS316 grade stainless steel
  • Optional desk mounts for offices
  • Up to 16 monitors on a single button
  • Wide angle camera now as standard
  • App call to tablets and smart phones
  • Call log feature with picture capture facility
  • DDA LED functions for call status

Technical Data

  • 2 relay outputs
  • 2 PTE inputs
  • RS485 Bus connection
  • RJ45 connection to monitor

You can explore the whole Videx range here or call our highly knowledgeable team on 0208 621 6210

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