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Have you considered using the SRS DC260 for your next access control solution?

This standalone door access control unit is suitable for use within small shops, factories or office buildings. These control units are compact in size, the coded access keypad is manufactured from ABS plastic and is designed for indoor use.

The device also has an anti-tamper feature with built-in buzzer alarm, as well as an adjustable strike lock opening time which can be set by the installer. It also includes a status indicating LED which can inform the user if they have been permitted or denied access.

The keypad has a capacity of up to two thousand users, these are controlled using either a supported proximity card or a four-digit PIN code.

The programming of PIN codes is carried out via the keypad. Using the master code supplied, the installer can create and set a unique user code which can then be used to gain entry.

The DC260 also forms the foundation of several standalone access control kits offered by SRS, which contain everything you need for a successful installation.


  • Programming carried out from keypad
  • Up to 2000 PIN codes or user cards
  • LED for status indication
  • Adjustable door opening time
  • Built-in buzzer for anti-tamper
  • Silicone backlit keys

Technical Data

  • Operating voltage: 12 V DC
  • Alarm output load =20A
  • Door opening time: 0 – 99s (adjustable)
  • Idle current = 30mA
  • Operating temperature: -35 to +60 degrees C
  • Lock output load: Maximum 3A
  • Short-circuit protection time =100

You can shop for the DC260 here or call our highly knowledgeable team on 0208 621 6210

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