BPT X1 Series Overview

BPT X1 Series Overview Blog

From a single home to an apartment block, the BPT X1 system has been built to meet all your door entry requirements.

The X1 is an expandable 2-wire video entry system and is one of the most flexible systems on the market today. The BPT X1 has been designed for compatibility with auxiliary cameras, remote actuators and many other features.

Check them out:

  • Up to 10 monitors without an additional conductor
  • Integration with CCTV and access control – the video entry system can be transformed into an active home security system
  • Audio/video conversation confidentiality
  • Option for door lock release
  • 2 non polarised wires with unbeatable performance and reduced costs
  • Guarantees excellent performance and signal quality on

The BPT X1 system is one of the most flexible systems available and enables complete control of your entire door entry operation. It can control everything, from the duration of the call tone to the customisation of the auxiliary services for each individual receiver.

Interested? Well check out the BPAX/1 Brass Audio Panel.

This vandal resistant entry panel has been manufactured from brass and is available for either flush or surface mounting. The panel is compatible with any number of access control options, including a keypad or a proximity reader.


  • 2 non-polarised wires
  • 100 calls
  • Programming VIA SOFTWARE
  • Integration with cctv
  • Intercom between up to 10 receivers
  • Self-learning

You can shop the entire range here or give our highly knowledgeable sales team a call on 0208 621 6210.

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