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Sometimes you’ll find a range so well put together, it doesn’t need lots of different options because the first one does the job so well:

The IX Master station, available in black or white and with or without a handset does just that. With the ability to receive up to 20 calls at any one time, this monitor isn’t short of power.

IX-MV7-B Features:

  • Directly connectable to an IP network.
  • 7-inch touch display screen for easy operation and video monitoring.
  • Camera with privacy cover.
  • A variety of display modes designed for different situations.
  • Hands-free, push-to-talk or audio communication.
  • Direct voice call from master station to another station.
  • Video image adjusting function.
  • Record audio and video to a micro SD card at the start of or during a call (SD card not included).
  • Play audio or video recordings saved to a micro SD card on a computer.
  • Call or communication transfer to another master station.
  • Paging to a group or all stations.
  • Message paging: Broadcast messages and notifications through the system.
  • External input paging: Send a page using contact input and external sound input.
  • Monitor other stations.
  • Master station (number of station registrations in address book):
  • Expanded Mode: 9999 stations.
  • Standard Mode: 500 stations.

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