Videx 4000 Series Panels

Videx 4000 Series

Does your installation require a panel with countless modular options? Have you heard of the Videx 4000 series?

The Videx 4000 series is a range of modular door entrance panels that can be identified by their unique features. These features include a mirrored stainless-steel finish on the front plate and push buttons, a die-cast aluminium alloy frame and the use of torx pin screws to fix the front plate to the back box.

The modular options for the Videx 4000 series are vast…

Speaker Modules:

4000 Series speaker modules are available for all Videx systems, from the standard “3+1”, “4+1” and “5+1” audio up to the VX2200 and VX2300 digital systems. The speaker modules themselves are available with either 0, 1 or 2 buttons built into the module, however a further 62 buttons can be added using a combination of the 4842, 4843, 4844 and 4845 button expansion modules. 

Camera Modules:

These 4000 Series modules are equipped with a colour day/night CCD camera with auto iris lens, complete with either 6 infrared LED’s or 6 white light LED’s for illumination. The cameras also have a 10° horizontal and vertical adjustment.  The 4830/C module can be configured to work on systems with coax video signals (V/M) or on systems using non-coax video signals (balanced, V1/V2) by setting the video mode with the use of jumpers, whilst the 4330N/C camera module is specifically designed to work with the VX2300 “true” two wire BUS system. The modules also contain a heating element to prevent the camera lens misting (anti-mist resistor).

A number of accessory modules are also available for this range, such as:

Videx 4846 Back-lit information module suitable to display information such as a house name or operating instructions.

The Videx 4000 series has boundless options meaning that there is a solution out there for your door entry needs.

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