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Are you in search of a new audio or video monitor? Check out these unique and stylish monitors by BPT, guaranteed not to disappoint

Futura X1 Monitor

  • This stylish 7-inch LCD wide screen colour video monitor is compatible with the XIP range and allows up to 8 video monitors to be connected in the same building with intercommunication.

Agata video monitor

  • The 3.5-inch Agata monitors blend perfectly into any setting and comes in two different colours. The monitors from the range also allow users to choose from several rings and four different melodies from the external entrance panel.

Perla video monitor

  • The Perla video monitors are easy to use and compatible with various systems such as XIP, LON BUS and 2 wire system. It features a 3.5″ LCD display which provides excellent video quality


  • The Opale monitor from BPT features touch sensitive controls which are clearly labelled for ease of use. It includes a door lock release button, ring disable, conversation mute and two auxiliary buttons which can be programmed to control another lock or lighting

So if BPT monitors are a bit of what you’re after click the links above and get browsing, or call our highly knowledgeable team on 0208 621 6210

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