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Are you in need of a sophisticated, top of the range monitor for you sophisticated, top of the range installation?

Have you considered Bticino?

Bticino manufacture stunning monitors, available with 2-wire and IP technologies that your installation will be crying out for.

Don’t believe us? Check out the ranges:

Classe 100

  • This range of audio and video internal units are a perfect match for all types of installation thanks to its minimalist and elegant design. The Classe 100 range are available either handsfree or with a handset and can be wall mounted or flush mounted. The Classe 100 can be table-top mounted depending on the user’s requirements.

Classe 300

  • The Classe 300 is a range of handsfree video internal units with a wide 7” Touch Screen display. This range of monitors is capable of a wide range of functions thanks to a graphic interface which has been designed with modern consumer devices in mind. See the Classe 300X for integrated Wi-fi connectivity and the ability for the management of door entry calls from your smartphone via the dedicated app.

In buying a Bticino monitor, you’ll be ensuring premium security with a cutting-edge design, so, the next time you think door entry, think Bticino.

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