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The distinctive design and quality of Fermax monitors put them in a class above the rest. Each range of Fermax monitors are made for different types of users in mind:

Veo Monitor

  • The VEO monitors provides comfort for end-users. Designed for those transitioning from audio to video monitors, the monitors come with 4 silicone push buttons, and a choice of ringtone selection.
  • The 4.3-inch TFT colour screen, ultra-slim monitor can be surface mounted and protrudes only 23mm from the wall.

Smile Monitors

  • With a choice between a 3.5” or 7” colour TFT screen and capacitive touch buttons, the smile monitors can be either surface or flush mounted.
  • An on-screen menu is integrated to enable users to browse the screen and manage operations
  •  The monitors also include hands-free communication and can manage up to 199 homes.

Vivo Monitors  

  • Elegant and stylish, the 7” TFT colour touch screen monitor allows users to browse on-screen operating options on a crystal surface.
  • Enables calls to and from any other vivo monitors in the same home or installation  
  • The monitors also feature a ‘Do not disturb feature’ as well as silent calls

Loft Monitors  

  • This range has a high resolution 3.5” TFT screen and includes hands-free communication with a loudspeaker, ensuring high-quality communication without any interferences.
  • The monitors can be either flush or surface mounted and the handset can be secured by a magnet

iLoft Monitors

  • Ultra-slim monitors with 13mm thickness when flush mounted.
  • 3.5” TFT colour screen with high performance audio levels.
  • Monitors include hands-free communication and a loudspeaker output.

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