Videx 6000 Series Monitor Options

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The Videx 6000 series is a cost efficient and reliable colour videophone. The minimal design of this range is typical of how it is both easily operated and easily installed.

The Videx 6000 series has a broad range and products are available with a 2.4” or 3.5” high definition LCD TFT colour display with an optional handset. The videophones are finished in satin white and include four tactile buttons for door release, door recall and other services such as ‘do not disturb’ and service buttons.

Check out some of the products available on the range:


This videophone features a slim profile and a good quality 3.5 inch colour TFT screen, full duplex speech and the intercom function when the same user has more than one monitor. In addition to the standard door release and camera recall buttons, the monitor also has an auxiliary button which can be used to control stair lights or other devices.

  • 3.5″ colour LCD TFT display
  • Timed privacy function
  • Intercommunication between handsets
  • 3 level call tone volume control


This white colour videophone has been designed with a 2.5″ colour display. It has been designed for use with the VK4K, VK8K and VR4KV videokits. This video handset is complete with a lock release, camera recall, timed privacy and spare services buttons

  • Privacy times: 15 minutes, 1 hour, 4 hour, or 8 hours
  • Number of videophones per apartment: 4 max

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