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CDVI Electric Locking Blog

So we hear you’ve got a thing for Electric locking…well have you heard about CDVi?

The CDVi Group are a major player in the market for access control and locking systems.  The products provide high-quality performance without any fuss!

CDVi are electric locking experts, just check out their product ranges below:

  • SDA Series – The SDA series from CDVI offers high quality, double action locks in fail secure or fail safe versions like the SDA251
  • MV Series – motorised locks that provide electronic deadlocking to suit a wide range of applications. (MVM)
  • GPCF Series – The GPCF is a high performance and versatile lock to suit many requirements. Including high security, due to it’s one metric ton of holding force measured at the jaw, half a million duty cycles and superior fire resilience

CDVi electric locks feature a choice between fail safe and/or fail secure locks and you can explore the whole range here.

So, if you’re looking to bring your electric locking A-game, you can’t go wrong with CDVi locks

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