Exciting new improvements despite challenging times

It will come as no surprise that our industry is facing unprecedented challenges. This has not stopped Door Entry Direct from running full steam to launch its new website. Powered by Magento, it will be a major improvement in how we deliver our services to valued customers.

Users can expect:

· Faster page load times.
· Enhanced search capabilities.
· Easier navigation on both desktop and mobile.
· Better recommendations and the ability to review products.

There is no better time to sit down with Steve Stuart, the Managing Director of Door Entry Direct, to learn more. Steve discusses how we are navigating through difficult times with an optimistic outlook.

But first, a little background…

In case you didn’t know, Door Entry Direct has the largest stocked range of Door Entry products in the UK. This didn’t happen overnight:

1983: Steve’s career starts, installing security systems, door entry systems, and C.C.T.V. The original business concept was to supply security products, but that soon changed.

1983-1987: It became clear as customers began to respond to Steve’s marketing that they were interested in having product installed. Almost by mistake he built up a locksmith shop and installation business covering all aspects of physical and electronic security. This included everything from key cutting, opening up properties when people were locked out, to large door entry and C.C.T.V installations.

During this time Stuart Alarms had become the go-to installer for door entry systems in West London, subcontracting to many of the local locksmith shops.

Steve’s heart, however, was always about innovation, new products and finding ways to do things faster, better and cheaper. This led to Stuart Alarms Ltd being sold and the launch of SRS Wholesale Ltd.

1987: When SRS launched it began putting together door entry systems suited to the West London requirements for stainless steel and polished brass door entry panels. They found that by keeping stock they were able to deliver faster than many ‘importers’ who had to wait weeks for deliveries or special door entry panels. The wait could be 3 months in some cases and SRS were offering 2 weeks.

SRS thrived adding many products to the range it manufactures including video door entry, maglocks, power supplies, egress buttons, single door access control and Smart.net access control. As the range grew, the limitations of being able to support such a wide range of manufacture became increasingly difficult.

2002: It became clear that competing with bigger players, many of whom had massive research and development spend, was not viable. Steve decides to use our door entry and access control expertise to become a specialist distributor, rather than a generalist.

Door Entry Direct began in 2002 to provide a wider range door entry range through Door Entry Direct Ltd

2009: S.R.S. merges with Door Entry Direct Limited, but the brand name lives on.

2009-2019: Door Entry Direct grows each year and becomes the #1 stocked range of door entry systems in the UK.

2020: Door Entry Direct launches its new website currently slated for Spring release.

And with that, we had to ask Steve…

Where is Door Entry Direct now and what can your customers expect in the next three months?
The next three months will be interesting times for everyone around the world and for those running businesses. At Door Entry Direct we’re confident about our future and our ability to survive the economic challenges on our doorstep.

What is Door Entry Direct doing better than its competitors?
Door Entry Direct is very different from its competitors in several ways. As a specialist Door Entry Direct offers knowledge across a very wide range of manufacturers and are perfectly positioned to offer the best options for an installation. Not only do we offer the largest door entry offer in the UK, it’s largely in stock.

In addition, Door Entry Direct offer several product enhancements that allow the installer to elevate their offer without increasing their costs. Many installations in the UK have a stainless steel door entry panel (we make 1000’s a year) and our customer love to have free button, house name and engraving of their logo on the door entry panel.

Another innovation that our customers love is our unique Quick Quote system that delivers a quotation super-fast with data sheets, brochures and images attached. This allows installers to deliver better information to the end users.

What can Door Entry Direct do better to support its customers?
We’re working on enabling our customers to have better access to information. Door Entry Direct is the one-stop-shop for all things door entry and getting better will never end!

What would you say to those in the industry facing uncertainty right now?
Now is the time for training and working with key partners to find out how you can accelerate into the future with better knowledge, better leads and a world class door entry offer.

What changes would you like to see in the industry as-a-whole?
The industry is changing so rapidly because of technological changes and staying up to date is very hard for the installer. They are bombarded with every brand and promise. I’d like to see more specialist suppliers who are experts in their fields rather than generalists who punt out the same old gear.

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